the sales in real-time

We have developed an on-field mobile app for truck sale of water. Our idea is to make the management of sales and stock considerably simpler. We also introduce a handheld device with which invoices can be generated and printed. The best part is that the sales data is directly sent to ERP, which makes it easy for the management team to track and review sales and performance on a real-time basis.


How can
our app benefit you?

Keeping a record of your sales is not anymore a headache. Our app performs an efficient tracking of available stock, sales data, and related relevant information. ERP integration is an added benefit that makes it much simpler for higher authorities to check on the performance on a routine basis.

Handheld device

A handheld device is provided with the truck driver. This makes the generation and printing of invoices much better. Altogether both carrying out the sales and its tracking is made easier.

How does the app work?

Our app is currently used by more than 70 truck drivers, who deliver water cans across Makkah and Jeddah.

The drivers can apprehend the availability of stock with them in a real-time fashion. They can enter the sales data after each sale, and this data is sent to the ERP for further tracking purposes.

Before the app

To keep a proper record of sales and stock while on the go was a challenging task for the truck drivers. Tracking the activities on a real-time basis was yet an impossible one. To face these situations and overcome the challenges, our app was always a better choice.

your choices

The real-time sales tracking and integration with ERP, besides the handheld device, is what we provide. Still, our clients can make us any suggestions more to add to this project and make it a further comfortable solution.

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