BOATCOM, Online Boat Booking Application in Saudi Arabia


Embark on a digital journey with BOATCOM, the premier online boat booking platform in Saudi Arabia. This cutting-edge web application connects customers with a fleet of boats based on their selected city and preferred boat category, enabling hassle-free bookings on an hourly basis. With boat details and hourly costs provided by boat owners, the platform ensures a seamless experience for users while granting website administrators comprehensive oversight.



  • Boat Docking Management: Challenge: Identifying and displaying boat docking locations in the sea.
  • Complex Booking Process: Challenge: Creating a sophisticated booking process with real-time
  • Search and Performance Optimization: Challenge: Ensuring optimal search functionality and overall platform performance.
  • Image Optimization: Challenge: Streamlining image loading for an enhanced user experience.
  • Calendar Management with Unique UI/UX: Challenge: Designing a unique and user-friendly calendar management system.
  • Report Generation and Database Optimizations: Challenge: Efficient data reporting and database optimization.


Leveraged Google Maps with React.js, crafting a visually appealing and user-friendly interface for easy boat location management . Implemented a React.js-powered step-by-step booking wizard, backed by Laravel for robust availability checks, ensuring a smooth booking process. Applied search and performance optimization techniques, including database (DB) and query optimization, enhancing the platform's responsiveness.

Employed React.js for lazy loading, optimizing images during upload on the Laravel backend, and utilized a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for efficient image delivery. Implemented a responsive calendar UI with React.js libraries like FullCalendar, synchronized seamlessly with Laravel for efficient date/time validations. Utilized Laravel for fetching and processing database data, while React.js facilitated dynamic data visualization through Chart.js or D3.js, presenting reports in a user-friendly format.

Key Features

Location Docking Points Management

Efficient management of sea docking locations, providing a robust foundation for boat owners.

Admin Control

Comprehensive administration capabilities, allowing the management of boats, boat owners, customers, bookings, trips, and reports.

Frontend Website for Boat Owners

User-friendly registration, boat enrollment, booking management, trip management, and financial reporting.

Frontend Website for Customers

Seamless boat viewing, booking, calendar checking, and trip tracking for customers.


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    PHP Laravel

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    React.js (Web), Flutter (Mobile)

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    Amazon CloudFront


BOATCOM stands as an end-to-end boat booking application, seamlessly connecting customers with boat owners. Through intuitive features, customers book their preferred boats for memorable trips, while boat owners receive bookings and profits. The robust admin interface ensures smooth management of the entire application, marking BOATCOM as a revolutionary platform in the maritime leisure industry. Embark on your maritime adventure with BOATCOM - Where Every Sail is a Seamless Journey!

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