Innovative Loyalty App for passengers and staff at Dubai International Airport (DXB) to earn rewards


Boost App, created by Lagardère Travel Retail, enables passengers and staff at Dubai International Airport (DXB) to earn rewards while dining, drinking, and shopping. Lagardère Travel Retail established their presence in the food service business line in the UAE by acquiring ARME (Airest Restaurant Middle East) in 2014. It currently operates 15 locations at Dubai Airport and 4 food outlets at Abu Dhabi Airport. Boost App sought to enhance customer engagement and loyalty through a strategic marketing initiative. The company decided to launch a loyalty program where customers would be rewarded with a free item after purchasing a set quantity.



  • The initial concept from the client was to establish loyalty points for users, drawing inspiration from brands like Costa Coffee and Starbucks. However, the final outcome deviated from this initial idea.
  • The Boost team had less time to finish the first phase of the application than originally planned, their initial plan was launch the application with airport staff to gather feedback.
  • The Boost team is currently using "TCPOS | POS solutions for Hospitality and Retail" in their outlets and aims to integrate the Boost loyalty app with TCPOS. Initial discussions have been held with the TCPOS team, and it has been identified that they need a bit more time to complete the integration, which will consequently delay the launch of the application with airport staff.
  • The Boost team asked for a feature that allows them to notify users about special days and the offers available on those days.


Multiple meetings were conducted with the client to assess their operational strengths and identify the most fitting loyalty program suite for them to integrate into the app. We decided to introduce a model "customers rewarded with a free item after purchasing a set quantity".

After discussing with the Boost team about "TCPOS | POS solutions for Hospitality and Retail," we've decided to create an Android cashier app for updating users' coffee purchases and redemptions. Our plan is to discontinue its use once the TCPOS integration is ready.

As a first step, we analyzed the priority tasks for the Phase 1 launch and received confirmation from the client to proceed. Next, we hired additional developers and distributed tasks among the team to complete Phase 1 according to the client's plan.

We proposed a solution where the Boost team can create a post from the dashboard, which would be sent to users as in-app, email, or SMS notifications. After discussing this, we agreed to implement in-app notifications only.

Key Features

Designing the Loyalty Program:

Introduced a "Buy X Items, Get X Item Free" model. Determined a feasible redemption threshold to ensure the program's attractiveness to customers.

User Verification:

The platform implemented a user verification process, sending a verification code to the user's mobile number.

QR code scan:

Each user is linked to a QR code, allowing cashiers to view the user's profile by scanning it. Within the profile, cashiers can check the total purchases made by the user, as well as any unlocked and redeemed rewards.

Easy Redemption Process:

The cashier can scan the user's QR code to view the list of unlocked rewards and proceed to redeem them.

Push Notifications:

Notify users about new offers, news, and messages. The user receives alerts when they unlock a new reward and when a purchase is recorded on their account.


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    Mobile Framework


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    Mobile Language


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    Backend Framework

    PHP Laravel

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    Frontend Language

    React.js & Next.js

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    Amazon AWS

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    APIs and Web Services

    RESTful APIs

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    Xcode, Android Studio

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    Cloud Services

    Firebase, Google Maps

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    Analytics & Crash Reporting

    Google Analytics & Firebase Analytics


Increased Customer Engagement: The loyalty program successfully increased customer engagement, with users actively monitoring their progress through the app.

Higher Purchase Frequency: Customers were motivated to make additional purchases to reach the qualifying threshold, leading to increased transaction frequency.

Enhanced Brand Loyalty: The loyalty program fostered a sense of loyalty among customers, contributing to repeat business and positive brand associations.

Positive User Feedback: Users appreciated the simplicity and transparency of the program, leading to positive reviews and word-of-mouth promotion.

Measurable ROI: The program's success was measured through increased sales, customer retention rates, and positive customer sentiment.

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