The official website for largest Global F&B chain in KSA bringing the best around the world to Saudi Arabia


Under the leadership of highly experienced and successful founders from KSA, Cool Inc was born change the way authentic and original food, travel and cultural experiences are discovered in Saudi Arabia. Cool Inc offers a wide range of exceptional portfolios such as boutique hotel and resort brands, world renowned restaurants, luxury lodging and wellness destinations, extraordinary leisure activities and members’ clubs.

The website and the analytics dashboard have been the key aspects of their big success driving a huge number of traffic and bookings. We have started our work with Cool Inc team for the development of their new website crafting a design that suits their brand portfolio and been continuously collaborating with the team for producing exceptional designs.

For the development of pages and functionalities, we have focused agile scrum method with total client collaboration. We have developed the website covering their wide range of portfolios such as experience, groups and events, bespoke travel, campaigns, blogs, and press.

Post launching of the website we have been pushing updates every week based on clients requirement. We have also worked on the Google Looker studio reports for maintaining and updating the reports. We have also collaborated with the SEO and paid media team to update the website with SEO standard practices by implementing the technical audit reports, performance optimization reports and other tasks related to the tags & on page SEO.



  • The main challenge was to keep up with ever changing requirements on design and functionalities as client needed them to implement as quickly as possible to execute their marketing plans.
  • The website needed to be the best in terms of keeping up with SEO standards and page speed scores while the client wanted to implement maximum features without compromising on the requirement for the SEO and paid media.
  • The major booking data source was Seven rooms and all Google Looker Studio booking reports to be updated with the Seven rooms data and necessary changes to be implemented on the booking flow In the website.
  • The dual language website in English and Arabic was also a key challenge to maintain the content for best SEO practices as the client went for English page first and then Arabic latter as and when they needed.


In order to keep up with ever changing requirements on design and functionalities, we have focused on complete agile development to plan, design and develop pages according to the requirement With continuous collaboration with SEO team and R&D from the team, we have planned designing and development of the pages for keeping up with SEO and paid media guidelines.

We have done a deep research about Seven rooms dashboard and the integration challenges using their data to come up with looker studio reports based on Sevenrooms data while integrating the booking widget inside the website to keep the complete tracking of all data related to the traffic and bookings. We have helped paid media to identify methods of adding UTM parameters to create better reports. The dual langauge pages were planned carefully with English first approach to release the updates and help SEO team to manage their tasks effectively.

Key Features

Brand Identity design

The whole website was designed in collaboration client's design team to match the a wide range of portfolio of the brand as well as keeping the best User experience for functionalities and SEO practices.

Portfolio pages with Maximum CTA

The main requirement from the client to place maximum call to action button enriched with information that will help users to ease through the booking flow and convert maximum traffic into booking. The design and development of the pages were planned incorporate this.

Group booking services

Group dining and event pages are developed for mass booking of restaurants for group dining, private dining, and events.

SEO standard website

The whole website and pages are updated with best SEO practices by implementing the technical audit reports, performance optimization reports and other tasks related to the tags & on page SEO.

Restaurant booking with seven rooms integration

Users can book the restaurant dining with clear booking flow where the booking button is integrated with seven rooms budget for tracking and better decision making.


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    Custom UI / UX Design

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